Thursday, April 8, 2010

Todays Pretty...

Picnic Blanket Vanilla Sugar Teacup Candle

A reader of my blog wrote me letting me know how much she enjoyed my posts. It was so nice to know someone likes what I write about. To thank her, I am featuring an item from her shop. She is the creator of adorable candle filled teacups. Her shop is filled with a variety of teacups in all patterns filled with candles in a number of scents. My favorite is this picnic blanket patterned teacup. I like how it is a simple white that will match everything. It is also filled with a vanilla sugar scented candle, one of my most favorite scents. These candles will last a long time, and when they are done, you have a cute little teacup and saucer. If you want your teacup refilled, just send it back for a new candle at a low price. To find these pretty little cups visit

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  1. i love this!! it looks like an antique bubble lamp pattern! soooo cute!! i want one :)